This list is no longer being updated.

All data generated by the TCGA Research Network are open to the public through the Genomic Data Commons (GDC).

Below are examples of publications that leverage TCGA data in various ways.

    Weige, C.C., Birtwistle, M.R., Mallick, H., Yi, N., Berrong, Z., Cloessner, E., Duff, K., Tidwell, J., Clendenning, M., Wilkerson, B., et al. (2014) Transcriptomes and shRNA suppressors in a TP53 allele-specific model of early-onset colon cancer in African Americans. Mol Cancer Res. doi: 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-13-0286-T. View PubMed abstract.
    Fackler, M.J., Lopez Bujanda, Z., Umbricht, C., Teo, W.W., Cho, S., Zhang, Z., Visvanathan, K., Jeter, S., Argani, P., Wang, C., et al. (2014) Novel methylated biomarkers and a robust assay to detect circulating tumor DNA in metastatic breast cancer. Cancer Res. 74(8):2160-2170. View PubMed abstract.
    Qian, J., Kong, X., Deng, N., Tan, P., Chen, H., Wang, J., Li, Z., Hu, Y., Zou, W., Xu, J., et al. (2014) OCT1 is a determinant of synbindin-related ERK signalling with independent prognostic significance in gastric cancer. Gut. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2013-306584. Read the full article.
    Cooke, S.L., Shlien, A., Marshall, J., Pipinikas, C.P., Martincorena, I., Tubio, J.M., Li Y, Menzies, A., Mudie, L., Ramakrishna, M., et al. (2014) Processed pseudogenes acquired somatically during cancer development. Nat Commun. 5:3644. Read the full article.
    Tilghman, J., Wu, H., Sang, Y., Shi, X., Guerrero-Cazares, H., Quinones-Hinojosa, A., Eberhart, C.G., Laterra, J., and Ying, M. (2014) HMMR maintains the stemness and tumorigenicity of glioblastoma stem-like cells. Cancer Res. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-13-2103. View PubMed abstract.
    Riester, M., Wei, W., Waldron, L., Culhane, A.C., Trippa, L., Oliva, E., Kim, S.H., Michor, F., Huttenhower, C., Parmigiani, G., et al. (2014) Risk prediction for late-stage ovarian cancer by meta-analysis of 1525 patient samples. J Natl Cancer Inst. doi: 10.1093/jnci/dju048. View PubMed abstract.
    Dews, M., Tan, G.S., Hultine, S., Raman, P., Choi, J., Duperret, E.K., Lawler, J., Bass, A., and Thomas-Tikhonenko, A. (2014) Masking epistasis between MYC and TGF-β pathways in antiangiogenesis-mediated colon cancer suppression. J Natl Cancer Inst. 106(4):dju043. View PubMed abstract.
    Schuster, K., Venkateswaran, N., Rabellino, A., Girard, L., Pena-Llopis, S., and Scaglioni, P.P. (2014) Nullifying the CDKN2A/B locus promotes mutant K-ras lung tumorigenesis. Mol Cancer Res. 12(6):912-923. View PubMed abstract.
    Pietras, A., Katz, A.M., Ekström, E.J., Wee, B., Halliday, J.J., Pitter, K.L., Werbeck, J.L., Amankulor, N.M., Huse, J.T., and Holland, E.C. (2014) Osteopontin-CD44 signaling in the glioma perivascular niche enhances cancer stem cell phenotypes and promotes aggressive tumor growth. Cell Stem Cell. 14(3):357-369. View PubMed abstract.
    Klco JM, Spencer DH, Miller CA, Griffith M, Lamprecht TL, O'Laughlin M, Fronick C, Magrini V, Demeter RT, Fulton RS, et al. (2014) Functional heterogeneity of genetically defined subclones in acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Cell. doi: 10.1016/j.ccr.2014.01.031. .
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