All data generated by The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network are made open to the public through the Data Coordinating Center and the TCGA Data Portal. The following is a growing list of publications from the TCGA Research Network (designated with an *) and from other investigators who have successfully leveraged the TCGA data for their own work.

    Akbani, R., Ng, P.K., Werner, H.M., Shahmoradgoli, M., Zhang, F., Ju, Z., Liu, W., Yang, J.Y., Yoshihara, K., Li, J., et al. (2014) A pan-cancer proteomic perspective on The Cancer Genome Atlas. Nat Commun. 5:3887. View PubMed abstract.
    Grieb, B.C., Chen, X., and Eischen, C.M. (2014) MTBP is over-expressed in triple negative breast cancer and contributes to its growth and survival. Mol Cancer Res. doi:10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-14-0069 . View PubMed abstract.
    Gonzalez Bosquet, J., Marchion, D.C., Chon, H., Lancaster, J.M., and Chanock, S. (2014) Analysis of chemotherapeutic response in ovarian cancers using publically available high-throughput data. Cancer Res. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-14-0186. View PubMed abstract.
    Helman, E., Lawrence, M.L., Stewart, C., Sougnez, C., Getz, G., and Meyerson, M. (2014) Somatic retrotransposition in human cancer revealed by whole-genome and exome sequencing. Genome Res. doi: 10.1101/gr.163659.113. View PubMed abstract.
    Liu, J., McCleland, M., Stawiski, E.W., Gnad, F., Mayba, O., Haverty, P.M., Durinck, S., Chen, Y.J., Klijn, C., Jhunjhunwala, S., et al. (2014) Integrated exome and transcriptome sequencing reveals ZAK isoform usage in gastric cancer. Nat Commun. 5:3830. Read the full article.
    Grabiner, B.C., Nardi, V., Birsoy, K., Possemato, R., Shen, K., Sinha, S., Jordan, A., Beck, A.H., and Sabatini, D.M. (2014) A diverse array of cancer-associated MTOR mutations are hyperactivating and can predict rapamycin sensitivity. Cancer Discov. 4(5):554-563. View PubMed abstract.
    Prat, A., Carey, L.A., Adamo, B., Vidal, M., Tabernero, J., Cortes, J., Parker, J.S., Perou, C.M. and Baselga, J. (2014) Molecular features and survival outcomes of the intrinsic subtypes within HER2-positive breast cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst. doi: 10.1093/jnci/dju152. Read the full article.
    Brown, S.D., Warren, R.L., Gibb, E.A., Martin, S.D., Spinelli, J.J., Nelson, B.H., and Holt, R.A. (2014) Neo-antigens predicted by tumor genome meta-analysis correlate with increased patient survival. Genome Res. 24:743-750. Read the full article.
    Mouradov, D., Sloggett, C., Jorissen, R.N., Love, C.G., Li, S., Burgess, A.W., Arango, D., Strausberg, R.L., Buchanan, D., Wormald, S., et al. (2014) Colorectal cancer cell lines are representative models of the main molecular subtypes of primary cancer. Cancer Res. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-14-0013. View PubMed abstract.
    Brooks, Y.S., Ostano, P., Jo, S.H., Dai, J., Getsios, S., Dziunycz, P., Hofbauer, G.F., Cerveny, K., Chiorino, G., Lefort, K., et al. (2014) Multifactorial ERĪ² and NOTCH1 control of squamous differentiation and cancer. J Clin Invest. doi: 10.1172/JCI72718. Read the full article.
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