Posted: March 14, 2012

TCGA Data Portal Downtime

Starting on Saturday, March 17th, the DCC will begin a migration of all software and data to new hardware.  Because of the extensive nature of this migration, all DCC software will be unavailable between 8AM on March 17th and the morning of Monday, March 19th.   This blackout will include the Data Portal and FTP access.   We strongly suggest that you complete any necessary downloads of TCGA data prior to the start of this migration.  

When service resumes on Monday, March 19th there will be several changes that may affect your operations:

  • There will be new restrictions on the number of web service connections that our system will allow.  For the data access matrix web service this will be one connection every 10 seconds.  For the other web services (DCCWS, Annotations, and UUID) the limit is 1000 connections every 3 minutes.  Exceeding these quotas will cause the system to return HTTP Status Code 413.
  • Connections to the TCGA Web services will not change. Those web services that required SSL prior to the migration will continue to do so, while all http connections will remain unchanged.
  • All connections to the TCGA Data Portal will use SSL.  We will be redirecting all http calls to https.

Because this is a new hardware installation, there is also the possibility for unexpected issues to arise.  If you have any problems logging into or using the systems once service resumes, please email