Posted: October 24, 2013

TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis Published in Nature

The first group of papers from The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network members’ integrated analysis of genomic data across multiple cancers has been published in the October issue of Nature. The Pan-Cancer Analysis is presented as a Focus website, which comprises 18 papers, thematic based articles called “threads”, podcasts from lead authors and a perspective article providing context for the project. These papers are part of the Pan-Cancer project, an initiative to assemble and analyze TCGA’s wealth of data across 12 tumor types. Until now, research has mostly focused on individual cancer types. The Pan-Cancer project represents an approach to examine cancers based not only on their organ of origin, but also their genomic profiles. This integrated analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the molecular biology of multiple cancers, revealing insights into similarities and differences in their genomic changes. The data and analysis are freely available through the TCGA Data Portal and CGHub.

The Focus on TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis in Nature can be found here.

A news release on the Pan-Cancer project can be found here.