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A series in which TCGA leaders and researchers present the mission and goals of this collaborative research effort to collect, catalogue and analyze a wide array of cancer types, and to make the resulting data and tools freely available to assist the entire cancer research community in its effort to improve our ability to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

  • Dr. Richard Gibbs
    The Genetic Basis of Cancer(02:49)
    The difference between a normal cell and cancer cell and how understanding the changes in DNA that cause cancer can help doctors develop better treatments.
  • Dr.  Joe Gray
    Molecular Characterizations of Cancer(03:14)
    The importance of molecular characterization of robust tumor samples and TCGA’s comprehensive approach to determine all of the important changes that lead to cancer.
  • Dr. Richard Gibbs
    The Value of DNA Sequencing(03:35)
    DNA sequencing: what it tells us about DNA changes in cancer, how looking across many tumors will help to identify meaningful changes and potential drug targets, and how genomics is changing the way we think about cancer.
  • Dr. Joe Gray
    The Power of TCGA Data(03:45)
    How TCGA is set up to collect and share genomic data, the importance of bioinformatics in sifting through the data to identify important features, and how TCGA is changing the way we think of cancer.
  • Dr. Marsten Linehan
    The Role of Tumor Samples in TCGA(03:02)
    The role of tissue samples in cancer research and TCGA, the importance of quality biospecimens, and the stringent quality control upheld by TCGA to ensure robust research results.
  • Dr. Joe Gray
    The Link Between TCGA and Personalized Cancer Therapies(04:03)
    How cancers from the same anatomical site, such as breast cancer, are often genomically different. Knowing the genomic defect in an individual's cancer can help doctors tailor treatment.

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