Research and Discovery

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) has established a pipeline to systematically characterize the genomic changes that are involved in all types of human cancer. This infrastructure is composed of the Genome Characterization Centers (GCCs), Genome Sequencing Centers (GSCs) and Genome Data Analysis Centers (GDACs).

The GCCs work to identify key genomic alterations found in the tumors collected for each cancer type. Each GCC will use advanced genome analysis technologies to identify regions of the genome that play a role in the initiation or development of cancer. Learn more about the GCCs.

The genetic changes identified by the GCCs will be further studied by the GSCs. These centers perform large-scale genomic sequencing using the most current technologies to identify small genomic changes that could play a role in cancer. In addition, the GSCs will support the development and improvement of existing technologies. Learn more about the GSCs.

TCGA will be integrating all of the data generated by the GCCs and GSCs on the multiple genomic analysis technologies for thousands of tissue samples. The GDACs will develop new bioinformatics tools to facilitate broader use of TCGA data by the entire research community.  Learn more about the GDACs.