History and Timeline

Last Updated: November 2, 2017

November 2, 2017
TCGA soft tissue sarcoma study charts diverse landscape of molecular changes

October 16, 2017
Expanded TCGA study of bladder cancer outlines therapeutic roadmap

August 14, 2017
TCGA study of pancreatic cancer reveals novel biological features

August 14, 2017
TCGA study of uveal melanoma reveals prognostic subtypes

June 15, 2017
TCGA study of liver cancer reveals potential targets for therapy

March 14, 2017
TCGA investigators improve understanding of the molecular drivers of cholangiocarcinoma

March 13, 2017
TCGA study of rare uterine cancer identifies molecular features

February 2, 2017
TCGA study identifies four subtypes of rare nervous system cancers

January 23, 2017
TCGA study identifies genomic features of cervical cancer

January 4, 2017
TCGA study of esophageal cancers finds features that aid in their classification

July 15, 2016
The TCGA Data Portal and CGHub close

June 6, 2016
The NCI Genomic Data Commons opens, providing access to all TCGA data in one location

May 9, 2016
TCGA analysis of rare endocrine cancer reveals novel genetic alterations

November 5, 2015
TCGA study identifies seven distinct subtypes of prostate cancer

November 4, 2015
TCGA study improves understanding of the genetic drivers of papillary renal cell carcinoma

October 8, 2015
TCGA study identifies genomic features of invasive lobular carcinoma

October 7, 2015
TCGA wins the 2015 Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals (Sammies) People's Choice Award

June 18, 2015
TCGA study improves understanding of genetic drivers of cutaneous melanoma

June 10, 2015
Genomic underpinnings of lower grade glioma brain tumors expanded

May 11-12, 2015
TCGA holds its Fourth Annual Scientific Symposium

January 28, 2015
NIH-funded study uncovers range of molecular alterations in head and neck cancers, new potential drug targets

October 23, 2014
TCGA study improves understanding of genetic drivers of thyroid cancer

August 21, 2014
Research from TCGA on a type of rare kidney tumor provides insights on role of metabolic changes in cancer

July 23, 2014
TCGA researchers identify four subtypes of stomach cancer

July 9, 2014
TCGA study pinpoints novel genomic changes in the most common type of lung cancer

June 18, 2014
Biospecimen Core Resource qualifies final sample and ships for characterization

May 12-13, 2014
TCGA holds its Third Annual Scientific Symposium

January 29, 2014
TCGA bladder cancer study reveals potential drug targets and similarities to several cancers

December 31, 2013
TCGA concludes sample collection, having gathered nearly 20,000 biospecimens

October 28, 2013
Genomic understanding of glioblastoma expands with TCGA research

October 24, 2013
Nature publishes TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis

June 23, 2013
TCGA research shows that kidney cancer progression is linked to shifts in tumor metabolism

May 1, 2013
TCGA researchers identify potential drug targets, and markers for leukemia risk
Study establishes basis for genomic classification of endometrial cancers

December 21, 2012
NCI awards a contract to develop TCGA Protected Data Cloud, which would allow researchers to easily analyze large amounts of human genomic data in a secure environment

November 27-28, 2012
TCGA holds its Second Annual Scientfiic Symposium

September 23, 2012
Study reveals genomic similarities between breast cancer and ovarian cancer

July 18, 2012
TCGA study shows colon and rectal tumors constitute a single type of cancer

January 25, 2012
TCGA announces launch of the Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub)

November 17-18, 2011
TCGA holds its First Annual Scientific Symposium

November 1, 2011
NHGRI Genome Sequencing Centers receive next round of funding and continued support for TCGA sequencing efforts

October 20, 2011
TCGA ships milestone 5,000th case to centers

July 1, 2011
TCGA researchers report the findings of their comprehensive characterization of the ovarian cancer genome

February 2011
TCGA scientists discover four distinct subtypes of glioblastoma distinguished by gene expression patterns and clinical characteristics

December 6, 2010
TCGA open access data are made available for the first time through the International Cancer Genome Consortium Data Portal 

September 30, 2010
Recovery Act investment enables The Cancer Genome Atlas to map 20 cancers

April 15, 2010
TCGA identifies novel molecular subtype in brain cancer patients with distinct clinical features

January 19, 2010
TCGA finds distinct subtypes of deadly brain cancer that may lead to new treatment strategies

September 2009
NIH funds seven genome data analysis centers for the integration of TCGA data across all characterization and sequencing centers as well as biological interpretation of TCGA data

June 2009
Genome Sequencing Centers begin including second generation sequencing data in the TCGA pipeline, including whole exome and whole genome data

March 2009
Genome Sequencing Centers shift from sequencing 601 genes to hybrid capture methods targeting more than 6,000 gene and miRNA sequences

February 16, 2009
Molecular characterization data become available at the Data Coordinating Center for ovarian cancer samples

September 4, 2008
TCGA reports first results of comprehensive study of glioblastoma multiforme

April 2008
Revised informed consent policies established

July 17, 2007
First upload of data from the Cancer Genome Characterization Centers to the Data Coordinating Center

July 2, 2007
TCGA awards funds for technology development

November 20, 2006
National Human Genome Research Institute announces funding for large-scale Genome Sequencing Centers

October 16, 2006
NIH announces components of TCGA pilot project

September 13, 2006
NIH announces plans to map genomic changes of lung, brain and ovarian cancers

December 13, 2005
NIH launches comprehensive effort to explore genomic alterations in human tumors