About the Data

TCGA collected and characterized high-quality tumor and matched normal samples from over 11,000 patients. The TCGA dataset, available in the Genomic Data Commons (GDC), contains:

  • Clinical information about participants
  • Metadata about the samples (e.g. the weight of a sample portion, etc.)
  • Histopathology slide images from sample portions
  • Molecular information derived from the samples (e.g. mRNA/miRNA expression, protein expression, copy number, etc.)

Important Information about the Data

The links below describe how the data was generated, tiers of data access, and useful analysis tools that were developed by collaborators.

  • Platform Design: descriptions of the platforms that were used to generate the dataset.
  • Access Tiers: introduction to open access and controlled access data.
  • Data Levels and Types : details about the relationship between TCGA data types, levels and access tiers.
  • Analytical Tools: tools developed by collaborators that may be used to analyze the TCGA data.