New Comprensive Study of Esophageal Cancer

A new study by The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network found genomic differences between the two most common types of esophageal cancer that help place them in the spectrum of cancers from the stomach to the head and neck. Image Credit: Toshinori Hinoue, Ryo Sakai, Peter W. Laird

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Shirley Pepke, Ph.D., posing outdoors with her collaborator, Greg Ver Steeg, Ph.D.

Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer, a Researcher Mined TCGA Data to Study Her Own Disease

Faced the bleak prognosis associated with stage IIIC ovarian cancer, Shirley Pepke, Ph.D., used her computational biology background to study her own cancer in comparison to TCGA data. Pepke has now been in remission for a year. Image Credit: Gus Ruelas/USC

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Cancers Selected For Study map

Cancers Selected for Study

The Cancer Genome Atlas researchers are mapping the genetic changes in 33 cancers. Find out which cancers have been selected for study, the criteria for selection and the scientific questions being asked about each cancer.

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Program Overview

Explore how The Cancer Genome Atlas works, the components of the TCGA Research Network and TCGA's place in the cancer genomics field in the Program Overview.

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