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All data generated by The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network are made open to the public through the Data Coordinating Center and the TCGA Data Portal. The following is a growing list of publications from the TCGA Research Network (designated with an *) and from other investigators who have successfully leveraged the TCGA data for their own work.

    Tessema, M., Yingling, C.M., Snider, A.M., Do, K., Juri, D.E., Picchi, M.A., Zhang, X., Liu, Y., Leng, S., Tellez, C.S., et al. (2014) GATA2 is epigenetically repressed in human and mouse lung tumors and is not requisite for survival of KRAS mutant lung cancer. J Thorac Oncol. 9(6):784-793. View PubMed abstract.
    McIver, L.J., Fonville, N.C., Karunasena, E., and Garner, H.R. (2014) Microsatellite genotyping reveals a signature in breast cancer exomes. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 145(3):791-798. Read the full article.
    Zhao, W., He, X., Hoadley, K.A., Parker, J.S., Hayes, D.N., and Perou, C.M. (2014) Comparison of RNA-Seq by poly (A) capture, ribosomal RNA depletion, and DNA microarray for expression profiling. BMC Genomics. 15(1):419. Read the full article.
    Castilla, M.A., López-García, M.A., Atienza, M.R., Rosa-Rosa, J.M., Díaz-Martín, J., Pecero, M.L., Vieites, B., Romero-Pérez, L., Benítez, J., Calcabrini, A., et al. (2014) Vgll1 expression is associated with a triple-negative basal-like phenotype in breast cancer. Endocr Relat Cancer. doi: 10.1530/ERC-13-0485. View PubMed abstract.
    Colen, R.R., Vangel, M., Wang, J., Gutman, D.A., Hwang, S.N., Wintermark, M., Jain, R., Jilwan-Nicolas, M., Chen, J.Y., Raghavan, P., et al. (2014) Imaging genomic mapping of an invasive MRI phenotype predicts patient outcome and metabolic dysfunction: a TCGA glioma phenotype research group project. BMC Med Genomics. 7(1):30. Read the full article.
    Cheng, F., Jia, P., Wang, Q., Lin, C.C., Li, W.H., and Zhao, Z. (2014) Studying tumorigenesis through network evolution and somatic mutational perturbations in the cancer interactome. Mol Biol Evol. doi: 10.1093/molbev/msu167. View PubMed abstract.
    Ow, G.S., Ivshina, A.V., Fuentes, G., and Kuznetsov, V.A. (2014) Identification of two poorly prognosed ovarian carcinoma subtypes associated with CHEK2 germ-line mutation and non-CHEK2 somatic mutation gene signatures. Cell Cycle. 13(14):. Read the full article.
    Akbani, R., Ng, P.K., Werner, H.M., Shahmoradgoli, M., Zhang, F., Ju, Z., Liu, W., Yang, J.Y., Yoshihara, K., Li, J., et al. (2014) A pan-cancer proteomic perspective on The Cancer Genome Atlas. Nat Commun. 5:3887. View PubMed abstract.
    Pickering, C.R., Zhang, J., Neskey, D.M., Zhao, M., Jasser, S.A., Wang, J., Ward, A., Tsai, C.J., Ortega Alves, M.V., Zhou, J.H., et al. (2014) Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue in young non-smokers is genomically similar to tumors in older smokers. Clin Cancer Res. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-14-0565. View PubMed abstract.
    Xiong, J., Bing, Z., Su, Y., Deng, D., and Peng, X. (2014) An integrated mRNA and microRNA expression signature for glioblastoma multiforme prognosis. PLoS One. 9(5):e98419. Read the full article.
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