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Brochures provide basic summaries of different aspects of the TCGA program.

Cancer Genomics: What Does It Mean for You?
This guide provides information about the genomic foundation of cancer, the work of TCGA and how it advances personalized medicine.

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Pilot Project Brochure: Charting a New Course for Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer
The TCGA brochure is designed for the public and describes some aspects of cancer development and the pilot project. The brochure summarizes information on the cancers being studied for the pilot, the components of the pilot project and long term goals for the Atlas, including improvement of cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention. View a text-only, 508 compliant version.

The Cancer Genome Atlas Pilot Project Data Portal Brochure: Navigating the Data Portal
The TCGA Data Portal brochure provides information on how the TCGA Data Portal works in the pilot project, how to access and analyze data, featured tools, responsible data use and how TCGA will benefit cancer research and patients.