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A drawing of the stomach with four icons included: DNA spirals, paired chromosomes, cells with nuclei, and a core diamond representing key subtypes

Four Subtypes of Stomach Cancer Identified

Researchers with the TCGA Research Network have found that stomach cancers, also called gastric cancers or gastric adenocarcinomas, fall into four distinct molecular subtypes.

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TCGA identifies novel genomic changes in lung adenocarcinoma

Researchers from the TCGA Research Network have identified novel mutations in a well-known cancer-causing pathway in lung adenocarcinoma, the most common subtype of lung cancer.

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Genome illustration

Cancers Selected for Study

The Cancer Genome Atlas researchers are mapping the genetic changes in 20 cancers. Find out which cancers have been selected for study, the criteria for selection and the scientific questions being asked about each cancer.

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Cancers Selected For Study map

Program Overview

Explore how The Cancer Genome Atlas works, the components of the TCGA Research Network and TCGA's place in the cancer genomics field in the Program Overview.

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